Solander Cellars offers a complete range of winemaking services at competitive contract rates. Owner John Thorpe has over 20 years winemaking experience, Ross Mirko heads the winemaking team while Dougal Edwards is the winery's technician. We welcome our clients expertise, instructions and participation to create the highest possible quality wines together.

Our 2017 list of charges is available on request. 



The winery has a 1000 tonne capacity and is centrally located in Solander Street within the Gisborne industrial park. Our fruit receival ramp, tipping bin, and crusher/destemmer has a 12 ton capacity.

The chilled must can be immediately pressed, into either of our three presses, or deposited into drainers for easily managed extended skin contact. The choice of flotation or cold settling is available post press with all fermenters temperature controlled and monitored.

We also have capacity to barrel ferment and age your wines to your specifications.



Our winery has 16 x 12 tonne open stainless steel fermenters fittled with drainage screens and augers for deseeding then emptying.

These fermenters are easily accessible for cap management assisted by pump overs and pneumatic plungers and have produced very high quality wines. 

Following fermentation and draining the must is easily augered downstairs into bins that are then tipped directly into the press.



Solander Cellars has its own cross flow filtration unit and can provide a complete service for high quality finishing, blending and finishing of the wines pre bottling.

We like to work closely with our clients to achieve their stylistic objectives and obtain their full satisfaction prior to bottling the wines. 



With our GIA Bottling unit and screwcapper we can pack 1200 cases a day into a wide range of bottle sizes, label types and carton configurations.



This service is operated by our holding company, the Gisborne Wine Company, which operatres a 1500 square metre insulated warehouse for storage and dispatch. 

This professional service will handle orders from one bottle to a shipping container for export anywhere in New Zealand and the world. 

We rigorously clean, maintain and service the plant daily while retaining detailed reports and records of every bottling run. We are able to supply standard dry goods but encourage clients with specific requirements to source their own. 

We have recently added a traditional corker and capsular unit to cater for specialist requests.



We have recently installed a gyro pallet riddling unit, vega disgorger/ doser along with a corker/wirer and bottle washer, so we can now offer you the complete Methode Traditionalle contract service.

Following the tirage and crown capping process we also have the capacity to age wines into bins on site.



The Gisborne Wine company has experience exporting wines. We are able to source bulk wine, make or bottle and label your wine for dispatch either palletise for air freight or into shipping containers within 3 weeks upon confirmed order. We are also able to organise laboratory and WECS testing prior to shipment.

For all information please contact Gene Walker 


+64 027 3354501